Robust apps for your hospitality business

Our apps have been carefully crafted to provide a minimalistic and intuitive user interface to maximize productivity and operational efficiency

Are you fed up that even with all the technological innovations around us, your team is still stuck doing tedious administrative work that could be better spent serving and delighting your guests instead?

Please watch the video below learn more about our innovative new breakfast accounting solution!

Our goal:

To enable a speedy and satisfying guest experience by seating a guest in seconds to enjoy their meal and get on with their day.

Save Cost

Save time and infrastructure costs

Assuming a 750 room hotel running at 90% occupancy, implementing Prime 7 Package Tracker will save 20 seconds per guest or 4 hours per day, equating to 11 person-days per month, or approximately S$12,000 saved per year!

It will reduce paper/toner costs, and has no PMS interface license saving at least S$5,000!

Enhance Productivity

Delight guests

Thanks to Prime 7 Package Tracker, the restaurant team can focus on delighting guests without flipping through multi-page reports.

Guests are quickly seated to enjoy their meal and mingle!